Introduction to the Inclusive Carbon Standard

The Inclusive Carbon Standard (ICS) is a not-for-profit organisation that issues Carbon Credits for greenhouse gas emission reduction projects. The ICS provides a platform that provides requirements for the development of greenhouse gas emission reduction and carbon removal projects and the generation of Inclusive Carbon Credits (ICCs), the greenhouse gas units that may be issued under the standard.

The distinguishing feature of the ICS is its aim to reduce the costs associated with the issuance of carbon credits by utilising technology innovations and by simplifying the processes associated with project registration and the issuance of carbon credits. The ICS uses a unique approach to the structuring of methodologies used in project development, as well as the management and administration of the project registration and carbon credit issuance process. The ICS can supply carbon credits into a variety of markets.

The ICS uses a technology platform to ensure that the ICCs generated by registered projects are credible in all respects. Project activities shall meet the validation, registration, monitoring and verification requirements set by the ICS and, in doing so, may achieve certified ICCs.

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